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Order up! 8 Thanksgiving diner meals around Brooklyn

Kellogg’s Diner photo via Yelp.

How is it that in this era of the foodie, the simple diner survives? Is it the booth seating? Maybe. Reasonable prices also help the cause, as do simple, non-involved options across the food spectrum. A diner also lacks pretension and any illusion that you, the customer, are always right, no matter how much of a jerk you are. If the waitress needs to tell your drunk table to shut up because she can’t hear the order she’s trying to take, she’ll do that, and you’ll shut up. So if you happen to find yourself in Brooklyn on Turkey Day, why not sit at the formica counter of one of these eight diners offering Thanksgiving meals?

Fifth Avenue Diner
432 5th Avenue, Park Slope, (718) 832-8131
After noon, Thanksgiving turkey will be served for $16

Daisy’s Diner
452 5th Avenue, Park Slope, (718) 788-1438
Daisy’s will be serving turkey with all the sides from 11am onwards. The price isn’t certain yet but it’ll be under $15 for the meal and dessert

Kellogg’s Diner
518 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, (718) 782-4502
Kellog’s will have turkey and Virginia ham meals all day, served with dessert and a glass of wine for $19.95

Ocean View Diner
515 Atlantic Avenue, Boerum Hill, (718) 243-9172
Turkey and stuffing and a choice of 5 entrees and a glass of wine for $15.95

Sunset Park Diner
889 5th Avenue, Sunset Park, (718) 438-0381
Thanksgiving meal comes with turkey, stuffing, sides, cider and a dessert for $12

Park Plaza Diner
220 Cadman Plaza West, Brooklyn Heights, (718) 596-5900
4 course Turkey Dinner available for $21.95, serving all day

Mega Bites Diner
245 DeKalb Avenue, Clinton Hill, (718) 398-8112
Special with turkey, stuffing, sweet potato, cranberry sauce and pumpkin or apple pie for $20 a person. They will be open til 4pm

252 Empire Boulevard, Crown Heights, (718) 773-2550
Regular turkey dinner with soup, salad, turkey and stuffing for $15.95

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