Brooklyn dudes, speak up: Are BK women the pickiest daters in the world?

A typical Brooklyn dude, wandering the streets with no one to give a stuffed animal to. via Flickr user brainware3000
A typical Brooklyn dude, wandering the streets with no one to give a stuffed animal to. via Flickr user brainware3000

Dating. Everyone’s gotta do it if they want to propagate the species (it’s very important to do that). And yet, possibly because men are from Mars and women are from Venus, the two sexes just can’t seem to agree to put aside small differences to keep humanity from dying out. According to dating website AYI, nowhere is that more true than right here in Brooklyn, where a survey they took deemed Brooklyn women the pickiest daters in the entire world. Tell us fellas, is this a true fact?

The survey examined how women all over the US responded to messages from potential online suitors. Women from Brooklyn, they found, were the least likely to respond to messages. In places like Jersey City and Miami, the almost 500,000 women surveyed were more likely to at least say hello after getting pinged.

We have our doubts about this survey, especially since it only relates to the world of online dating. The one thing the survey didn’t go into was why exactly Brooklyn women are so allegedly picky. In our last foray into pop psychology, Tim posited that it’s not so much that Brooklyn women are picky as it is Brooklyn dudes are just endlessly disappointing by never taking advantage of the dating opportunities out there for them. And the fact that Friends of Single People, in which you put your dating life into someone else’s hands, draws plenty of women at least curious enough to ask about your problems with ecclesiastical Latin indicates a pretty low level of pickiness on the part of Brooklyn’s female population.

Guys, let’s have a little bro-down here, no girls allowed. Do you find you have to work harder than ever to get your online dating game off the ground? What about trying to get dates outside of the internet? Especially let us know if you came here from somewhere else and can compare your time in the online dating mines in say, La Jolla, California to what it’s like here.


  1. beezy

    Ok but seriously… i bet the average BK women gets 10x the # of messages as from suburban towns. You can only date as often as there are meals in the day, so of course their reply rate will be low.

  2. Chris

    I’ve never been single as long as I’ve lived in Williamsburg but I’m happy about that, not just because my fiance is awesome but in all honestly I’ve almost seen no females that look even remotely approachable. I spend a lot of time just observing from my stoop, taking walks and in bars/restaurants and almost every girl looks and acts too cool for school. Even if you don’t agree with that, the women always have a look like they are somewhere else – they always seem to walk with purpose and always be looking past everything. Bar, park, mid-conversation – they always appear like they are looking past whatever their focal point should be looking at like they are posing for a picture or something.

    TL;DR: most girls seem to think they are in “Girls”. This isn’t HBO.

    also Meatball shoppppayee is a rip off. I can get better meatballs at Carmines.

  3. Tim Donnelly

    as author of aforementioned “Brooklyn dudes are endlessly disappointing” article, I must say this can’t be true in Brooklyn, as the girls I know are constantly talking about all the dud dates they go on, while I know a lot of dudes who just aren’t trying. Get your hand off the scale, AYI!

  4. Brando

    I think this is true , Prerequisites are, haveing lots of tattoos, a wild man beard, a skateboard instead of a car, and be more interested in playing video games than the girl that you’re dating.

  5. Zach Liszka

    I grew up in Alaska, where the guy to girl ratio is like 5:1, then moved to london, then DC, then seattle, and now I live in wburg.

    Based on my experience living in those cities, women that live in BK–at least the ones I know–aren’t picky. Rather, the phenomenon that study describes may be the result of a dismal number of 1) successful and 2) non-asshole guys living in the city.

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