LAST NIGHT to Dine in Brooklyn. Been anywhere good?

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Our first Dine in Brooklyn experience consisted of over-eating Mexican at a mediocre Park Slope place then being hosed for $12 margaritas. Have you had any Dine in Brooklyn wins? Let’s hear ’em in the comments so others may be similarly inspired. As long as they don’t take our table at Tanoreen tomorrow night. Get the full list of Dine in Brooklyn restaurants at

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  1. Went to Il Porto on Washington Ave and it was wonderful – I think Italian might be the the way to go if you’re looking to max out this deal. Two appetizers, pasta entree and a pizza, two desserts, plus two complimentary glasses of wine and free bread for $25/person. We even took home leftovers… Tipped very well, as it was such a great deal (and service was perfect).

  2. Bar Tano had a tiny Dine In menu that didn’t end up saving us any money. The food is fab, though – just skip the “deal” aspect to eat cheap.

  3. Best meal was at Kiwiana, great selection, big portions, wonderful service as usual.

    Best deal was Baluchi’s: 2-for-$25 included appy, main, dessert AND 1 order of naan (plain, garlic, or coconut!). The waiter let us order any main, not just from the dine-in-menu.

    As per Kelly Murph, Bar Tano had a BS dine in menu, but the Bloodies were $6 and delicious.

    Kiwiana. Nice selection, huge portions, wonderful service as usual

    Baluchi’s 2-for-$25 included main, app, dessert, and any kind of naan. The waiter will let you order off the dine-in menu if you ask nicely.

    As per K.Murphy, Bar Tano had a BS Dine In deal, but the bloodies were $6 and super delicious.

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