Olive Garden’s Pasta Pass is back, get unlimited pasta for $100

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Whatcha gonna do with all that shrimp? via Flickr user Max

You might remember when, in 2013, Olive Garden first rolled out the absurd Pasta Pass, an all-you-can-eat pass that got you 7 weeks of unlimited pasta dishes, breadsticks and soda—all for the low price of $100. You might even remember the UCB comedian who documented his experience on the Pasta Pass, to readers’ delight (and nausea).

Well, reminisce no more: the Pasta Pass is back as of 2pm today, and it’s still every bit as grotesque as you could imagine.

There are two types of passes: Individual, and Family. The Individual pass is $100 + tax, and the Family pass is $300 + tax.  A family pass means you and three guests. More information is available in the FAQ, but there isn’t a big catch. It really is almost exactly what it sounds like.


The only Olive Garden in Brooklyn is off the Belt Parkway in East New York, in the Gateway Plaza (505 Gateway Drive). Then there’s the godforsaken Times Square location, or the one at 23rd Street and 6th Avenue. There’s also one in Elmhurst, Queens. But this pass is nation-wide, so you can literally go to any Olive Garden in America with this.

Naturally, demand will be high and supply is limited: only 1,000 passes of each type are available. The passes go on sale at 2pm EST today. If you live in Times Square on a paltry salary and have the metabolism of a hummingbird, this might just be the best decision you’ve made.


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