Brew U.: Learn DIY beer-making basics at Etsy Labs

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Make your own beer, charge your friends $6 a glass for it (plus tip).

The leaves in Prospect Park may not have changed color yet, but nothing says autumn like Oktoberfest. Instead of dropping cash on a flight to Munich or overpriced craft beer and sausage at a biergarten, learn to DIY brew from the best of them at Oktoberfetsy, a workshop sponsored by Etsy Labs in Dumbo on Oct. 19. Talk shop with Brooklyn Brew Shop founders Erica Shea and Stephen Valand while getting the insider scoop on the best way to brew. If the $5 price tag isn’t enough to pull you away from Netflix, there’s a catch: you can get in free with any beer-related purchase from Etsy, some of which are cheaper than $5, though we dissuade you from sporting this PBR belt buckle. You’ll also get to sip on beer samples while watching a brewing demo of the Shop’s autumn ale, Bourbon Dubbel, then get the 411 on how to replicate the process yourself.
If you’re one of the first 50 at the 6:30pm registration, you might even snag some Etsy swag. Not an early bird? Audience members can still enter to win a Brooklyn Brew Shop starter kit. Seal the deal by hand-pressing a pair of coasters using Etsy’s letterpress machine, a requisite for the stouts you’ll be churning out of your kitchen in no time.

Oktobefesty, 6:30pm Oct. 19, Etsy Labs 55 Washington St. Ste 712, Dumbo. Register here. If you make a beer-related purchase on Etsy, just bring your receipt to get in free!

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