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Ohai free cocktails at Whisk

The international sign for "Free booze here." For this weekend, anyway
The international sign for “Free booze here.” For this weekend, anyway

Weekends are great of course, even if you spend them worrying about the things you didn’t do in the preceding week. You can go have brunch, you can work on the thing you’re most passionate about or you can spend the entirety of it in a buzzed haze. Of course, that last one usually takes money. Usually. Sometimes business are kind enough to just give you booze for walking in the door. Like this weekend, at Whisk, for instance.

The Williamsburg kitchen supply store is hosting superstar bartender, Sother Teague, on Saturday from 1pm to 3pm for a cocktail tasting and bitters demo. And of course, once Teague makes the drink, it’s not like he’s gonna just dump it down the drain. No, the booze will be given to you, the bleary-eyed, hungover person who still somehow looks like shit at 1 in the afternoon. That’s not even an insult, the odds are we will be that person also. The best part about this whole thing is that it doesn’t seem like Whisk is trying to sell you anything like a timeshare or a bunch of spatulas. They just want people to be excited about spring and cocktails. We can totally get behind that.

Cocktail and Bitters Demo and Tasting, Saturday March 23, 1pm-3pm, Whisk (231 Bedford Avenue), FREE

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