Oh, Canada: Toronto has its own Brooklyn-style restaurant now, Brooklyn Tavern

brooklyn tavern canada
Well, Brooklyn does love exposed pipes. via Facebook

Despite the fact that some cities are too proud to welcome colonization by Brooklyn, some cities are more than happy to welcome aesthetic dominance by us. Take Houston’s Brooklyn Athletic Club, for instance. And now we can add Toronto, a city known for its Maple Leafs and crack smoking mayor, to that list, thanks to their brand new Brooklyn Tavern. We assume that this is just revenge for Ontario Bar not showing old clips of Leafs games on repeat, and we can accept that.

The American-style bistro that serves food that Americans totally still eat all the time, like liver and onions and square hamburgers plays like a parody of of people trying to do things they think Brooklynites do, at least when it comes to the design of the restaurant. Embroidery hoops turned into coat racks, a Prohibition-era (they did it too, kind of!) arrest warrant and vintage wall sconces give the restaurant that you can only find in Williamsburg. And Bushwick, and probably the places in Washington, DC where they’re trying to be hip and with it. We’d make more jokes, but we’re afraid of Tie Domi reverting to his civilian-pummeling ways even in retirement.

[h/t The Braiser]


  1. cindy

    Our name is really quite simple in that we are in a neighborhood at the base of Brooklyn Ave.
    Which is why we choose the name….crazy I know!
    We do like BrooklynNew York though!

  2. Grace Williams

    I went for dinner serve real nights ago and I found my server (Rachelle) and one of the owners (Cindy) to be quite rude , the food was nothing to write home about either. I would not recommend this restaurant which is unfortunate because I had high hopes for the Brooklyn Tavern !

  3. Samantha Corbin

    There’s also a pizzeria there called “North of Brooklyn Pizzeria”. Even if there is a Brooklyn Ave. in Toronto (how did I not know this??), it can’t be said that they don’t NOTICE the possible reference//appeal to all the Queen West hipsters.

    Incidentally, Florida slated to finally open its wildly anticipated “South South Brooklyn Panera Bread”

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