Sunset Park has a new waterfront park, Bush Terminal Piers Park

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Hooray, a park. via the NYC Economic Development Corporation

In the making for over a decade, the planned Bush Terminal Piers Park in Sunset Park is finally here after years of heavy-duty clean-up and plenty of delays, according to DNAinfo.

The brand new Bush Terminal Piers Park opened yesterday, bringing with it a pair of multi-purpose soccer and baseball fields, and even a nature preserve, all stretching from 43rd (where the entrance is) to 51st street along the waterfront in a neighborhood that sorely needed more space to run around with your arms over your head while screaming “I’m in a park!”

Now we know, the park has opened on what many are predicting to be the last warm day of the fall, but even so, it’s not that cold yet people, so head over and check out some fields that by accident have to be less crowded than those at Brooklyn Bridge Park if you want to get your soccer on. From now until March 1st, their hours are limited to 8am to 4pm, so show up early if you want to hang out. And while you’re in the neighborhood, why don’t you check out one (or more!) of these 6 spots we hope survive the ongoing gentrification happening there which, yes, the park we’re telling you to enjoy was built parallel to. Irony!

Anyway, it’s a new place to play outside, so go over to now named Sunset Parks (kidding, it’s still just “Park”) and check it the new, very welcome greenspace.

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