The No Office Holiday Party is officially New York Times-approved

no office holiday party
If the photo booth is this fun, just imagine how great the rest of the party is. Photo by Sarah Gainer

We knew the No Office Holiday Party (happening Thursday, have you RSVP’ed yet?) was a big deal for the likes of us humble bloggers and freelancers. But it turns out it’s also an awesome sociological event for the New York Times to talk about, so they invited us to talk about it in their “Room for Debate” about office Christmas parties. Here’s a couple paragraphs from our editorial, be sure to read the whole thing!

After all, don’t people who toil in co-working spaces and coffee shops and apartments also deserve to bask in the pleasures of karaoke, vodka luges and electric sexual tension with people who have similar lives? Shouldn’t freelancers be able to celebrate their ability to chase down work like wolves without the peace of mind of an auto-deposit every two weeks? 

At the “No Office Holiday Party,” we’re celebrating not just the holidays but the young laptop nomads, coffee shop dwellers and gig workers who chisel away at their passion project in the cracks between babysitting or stocking chickpeas. Working alone doesn’t mean you actually are alone. And besides, not having to go into an office the next day means not having to combine a hangover with fluorescent lights.

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