O, happy day: Watch this Garfunkel and Oates video about anal sex

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It’s the sex that God can’t see.

We’ve  been having a pretty good time watching “religious values” flounder in the face of a little thing called the Constitution today, and also we found a sex swing on the Internet, so this just takes the cake: comedy folk duo Garfunkel and Oates have released a song parodying the no-sex-before-marriage quandary titled, “The Loophole,” about how Christian girls turn to anal sex to (technically) maintain their virginity. It’s just as amazing as it sounds. See for yourself below, though be warned, it’s pretty NSFW:

“Thank you for making me holy. And thank you for giving me holes to choose from.”

Today is wonderful.

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  1. So will Obama condem this “‘crude and disgusting’ anti-Islam video, err I mean anti-Christian video? Perfectly Ok to assault Christianity but we’ll never see this sort or crude parody aimed at Islam … yup, you’re real edgy and brave when “shooting” at people who won’t shoot back!

    • Actually, their religious satire could also apply to other religions and cultures and not to Christian women. Middle eastern prostitutes also specialize in the act to preserve their virginity for marriage. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it was practiced in eastern cultures, too, like Japan, where hymen restoration is a common plastic surgery request of unmarried women who have had vaginal sex.

    • Greg,

      I think you do your central point a disservice by tying it in with Obama-bashing. I think the facts stand for themselves and would only be obscured by that association. Thought I certainly can appreciate why you would feel that the President would (should) be the voice against bias. I certainly hold my elected officials to such standards.
      Still, referring to your point as it applies to this video, G&O, and the media in general, there is certainly an increase in anti-Christian sentiments. Christianity. Much of it is ignorance-based generalization, originating from a (lazy) refusal to do the work required to know the truth or, as is this case, the quest for the easy laugh. Certainly, as vast as Christianity seems to the outside world, a person of tact, compassion, and/or intelligence would know not to paint with such a broad, hate-soaked, brush.
      The reason you don’t see such things happening against islam is mostly because of the genuine fear people have of retribution; true, violence-based, retribution. Sure, since 9/11, there’s been an overwhelming push by the media to include people of middle-eastern/islamic appearance in feel-good roles in commercials, shows, and movies, but I think this can be attributed more to a sort of “Stockholm Syndrome” mentality the nation is experiencing. It’s worth keeping in mind that is the key mechanism for the success of radical islam; fear of punishment from its followers has taken precedence over any fear of judgement from their god.
      So as the peaceful, turn-the-other-cheek, and, let’s be honest, somewhat complacent, bulk of the Christian faithful sit by and let themselves be ridiculed by the likes of G&O, we, the people, need to take note and decide how we want to respond. One way, is by voting out officials who fight for one but not for all. The other is by means of boycott, especially where money is involved, and not watching, supporting advertisers, etc. One doesn’t have to be Christian to realize that what’s being done here is not nice. Simply taking the time to replacing the targets of such songs with sensitive victims like infants, raped women, abused animals, homosexuals, etc., will usually be enough to bring about a backlash worthy of media attention and the ire of the public. Sadly, we’re living in a society that THINKS it wants equality, when all it really wants to do is put the whip in the hand of the slave and string up massuh for a few lashes of his own. In the end, justice never really gets served, just bloodlust. But, hey, at least some of us are laughing about it, right G&O?

    • Tony x 3,
      How presumptuous of you to assume Greg was trying to sound Christian. He was only making a point about being fair.
      However, if he IS Christian, there’s no harm in his defending his faith. One would have to be biased or blind to not be able to acknowledge the anti-Christian bias that has been on the rise in the media.

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