NYC’s Fourth Annual ‘Poetweet’ contest wants your Twitter poetry

Here is a man in touch with internet culture
Here is a man in touch with internet culture

So Mike Bloomberg personally doesn’t know a hashtag from a tag sale. That doesn’t mean he’s not going to take advantage of new-ish technology in the Mayor’s Office. And seeing as how it’s National Poetry Month and he’s not going to be outdone by those nerds at the New York Public Library, the Office of the Mayor is hosting their fourth annual “Poetweet” contest. Well give you two to one odds that Bloomberg doesn’t even know it’s happening.

Like the library’s tweet poem contest, the Poetweet contest is simple to play but takes a lifetime to master. Sadly, you only have a week in which to do so. Between today and April 8, tweet one poem that contains the hashtag #NYCPoetweet and hope that you’re the best one. That’s it. And yep, you only get one poem, as opposed to the library’s three chances to enter, because the Office of the Mayor has more important things to do than read your damn poems, we guess.

And since you only have 128 characters to work with after the hashtag, we suppose that this contest will determine who New York’s true micro-poetry champion is. And your prize for putting your brain through all those mental gymnastics? Your poem gets published in Metro, on April 18, Poem in Your Pocket Day. Where it will be glimpsed at for three seconds by weary commuters for five seconds before they leave the paper on the 2 express train. Congratulations?

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