Are you renting from a slumlord? Here’s how to find out

Shoulda checked the list first. Photo via Daily News.

Google Maps are so last year, but terrible landlords are forever. Average the two and you’ve got a pretty handy map of scumbag property owners across the city. Perhaps something like this searchable map of the landlord watchlist from the Public Advocate for the City of New York, which was just updated this week. The worst offender is the aptly named “College Management” with a total of 724 recorded infractions in three buildings. Maristanc Corp, the Brooklyn-based second place, has 651 infractions for one building. Infractions include refusing to fix broken hot water, lead paint, and evicting tenants without due warning, or what we at Brokelyn call a “pretty decent place.”

The utility of such a map is a bit doubtful, however. I mean, hell, if you select Brooklyn, the map has more points than the NYC bike share map (and it even extends below Atlantic Avenue!) You probably already know if your landlord is terrible; it might just be simpler to have a map of non-dirtbags.

Of course if you’re in the market for an apartment, it’s a good idea to check this to make sure you don’t sign up for a bad time.

If you’re lucky (?) enough to live in one of these places, perhaps you can take a page from this lady’s book and get away with not paying your rent for nine years. In the meantime, will someone please, please mash up this map with HousingMaps?


  1. Julide

    How about a similar list of scumbag tenants who don’t take care of a nice apartment and do things like don’t pay rent on time, leave without paying last month’s rent, bum around for six months without paying a thing, or run an illegal sex phone operation out of the apartment? It can be just as bad on the other side of the token too.

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