Scumbag-landlord defying Brooklyn lady is your new rent super hero

Margaret Maugenest (and some dude in an anti-fur pin). Via Daily News/Getty images

Gowanus artist Margaret Maugenest hasn’t paid rent on her loft since 2003 because her building was crappy. The state Court of Appeals ruled yesterday she doesn’t have to because her landlord han’t kept the building up to standards. So if you’ve ever thought of holding back your rent until your landlord fixes up your crumbling apartment, this ruling is a nice arrow in your quiver:

“In the absence of compliance, the law’s command is quite clear,” said the decision, written by Judge Robert S. Smith, according to the Times.


  1. Margaret Maugenest

    So happy to be called a hero by Brokelyn, one of my very favorite blogs. That “dude” with me is clothing designer John Bartlett – who is, yes, anti fur. A word of caution if you are thinking about withholding rent – make sure you have a VERY good lawyer. Therein lies the rub. But if you’re covered, my win may make it easier for you and you won’t have to go through all I went through. And hey, I’m only 60 – does that really make me “old?” (I guess it does, but…)

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