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NYC Snow Bus, from the minds of the Beach Bus, will get you to the slopes on the cheap

nyc snow bus
You too, can feel this triumphant in the snow, if that’s your thing. via NYC Snow Bus Instagram

Summer might be over (and we’re all still mourning), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the opportunity to get on a bus with a bunch of strangers and go somewhere far away to enjoy yourself. To that end, the people behind the NYC Beach Bus, the best summer invention since those WWF Superstar ice cream bars, have put together an NYC Snow Bus that will take you to ski slopes in far off Mountain Creek in a place called “New Jersey.” Plus, because they love you guys so much, they’ve got a special deal for Brokelyn readers. Someone get the hot tub ready there, because while I could use a vacation, I’m a terrible skier.

Trips up to Mountain Creek will start on Friday, December 13 and run weekends and holidays at the ungodly early of 8:30am. The bus will usually run you $67 for the bus ride and a lift ticket, and $97 for the a bus ride, lift ticket and equipment rental. For their first couple of weeks, the Snow Bus is running a promotion with prices at just $30 for a ride, $60 for the ride and ticket and $90 for the ride, ticket and equipment. But use the code “Brokelyn” while buying your ticket and you can extend this deal a week past its expiration for everyone else.

The bus will be leaving from Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Astoria and Union Square, and just like this summer, a big school bus will be transporting you to your destination. Although we’d imagine that a drafty school bus will be a bit more of a test than the hot one from the summer. Sadly the beers on the bus won’t be happening, due to the whole “crossing state lines with a bus full of drinkers” thing and the potential disaster of releasing a bunch of drunken snowboarders on the slopes. So, instead of drinking on the bus, there’s going to be a nightcap with a few pitchers in whichever neighborhood you get dropped off, so you can get to know (read: make out with) your fellow skiers better.

Wanna get out there but don’t feel like paying? Go to the Snow Bus Facebook page¬†or Twitter page, like them or follow them, and they just might pick you as one of 10 folks to get themselves a free ride on Saturday, December 14. If you don’t have gear, that’ll run you $25, but you’re already making out like a bandit with the free ticket, so it doesn’t sound so bad.

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