You can now apply for your NYC ID online! Most of it, at least

You can now apply for (most of) your NYC ID online!
You can do this without facing off against a disgruntled agent about whether you brought the right documents. via screenshot

The NYC ID is your all-access pass to free museum memberships and discount movie tickets. You can even use it to open a bank account. But applying for it used to be a minor pain in the ass; it meant waiting on line, for one, something few New Yorkers have the patience to do.

But as of today, you can apply for your NYC ID without even putting on pants. The IDNYC program has just debuted its new online application portal, where you can apply for a new card, update the information on your current card, replace a lost, stolen or damaged card or re-apply if your previous application wasn’t approved.

You’ll still have to go into an IDNYC enrollment center eventually to show them your documents, but this vastly reduces wait times, paper waste and the possibility of screwing it up (which happens, I did.) 

In addition to museum memberships and movie tickets, perks of the NYC ID include using it as a library card, $25 off adoption fees for cats, dogs and rabbits at the Animal Care Center, a free one-year membership to New York Road Runners (i.e. race entry fee discounts!), 15 percent off of a Citibike membership and more.

Starting the app online lets you schedule an appointment and select the documents you’re planning to bring to the enrollment center, so you’ll be in and out post-haste. Like making an appointment at the DMV or President-Elect Donald Trump, it’s a no-brainer.

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