NYC Beach Bus too cheap? Take the $139 Brooklyn Beach Bus

The clock says it's time to get ripped off. via Facebook
The clock says it’s time to get ripped off. via Facebook

Given the success of the Rockabus and the NYC Beach Bus, it only makes sense that more services that drove you directly the beach would start to pop up. Of course, since they’re showing up to a crowded market, a new service has to do something to separate themselves from the competition. The people behind the Brooklyn Beach Bus have certainly done that, by attaching an absurdly expensive $139 price tag to their service. Don’t worry though, you get a souvenir towel!

Yes, you read that correctly. For the low, low price of $139, the Brooklyn Beach Bus will take you to the same exact beach you can get to for $12. Or $2.50 on the subway. What do you get for your money aside from a trip to Jacob Riis Park that only lasts half a day? A towel, which you can keep, an hour of bike rental, a yoga class and a lunch with “your choice of sandwich.” That’s one expensive sandwich.

Something about this service makes us think that it’s just a particularly brazen way to rip off tourists who want to get a half day in at the beach. For starters, the bus leaves from 45th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan. It also only runs from Mondays to Fridays. Finally, the company is run by self-described “life long, native New Yorkers” who are offering a “uniquely authentic summer experience.” All perfect phrases to appeal to naive tourists from Denmark or Harrisburg or wherever. And if you’re the kind of goober that believes New Yorkers pay out the ass to get to a free beach for not even the whole day, well, we’ve got a bridge to sell you.


  1. “A half day beach excursion leaving midtown [capitalization sic] at 11am (returning 5pm) to historical Jacob Riis Beach in the Rockaway’s [sic].”

    Free on-board entertainment: proofreading our site!

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