The NYC Beach Bus is back, with free Sixpoint summer beer!

Summer is coming and it brings free beer. Via NYC Beach Bus Instagram
Summer is coming and it brings free beer. Via NYC Beach Bus Instagram

Stop what you’re doing, which is probably bitching about allergies or how you are too superstitious to put your winter jacket into storage yet, and remember that Memorial Day is little more than a week away. And that’s beach season and the start of everything fun and joyous and right in the world. It also means our friends at the NYC Beach Bus are starting their season again on May 26, offering you roundtrips to Rockaway and Jacob Riis for $12. But there’s a bigger bonus this year: riders get to check out the debut of Sixpoint’s brand new summer beer, Rad. And those beers are free for bus riders, because summer, is, in fact, where rad lives. 

Also this year, the Beach Bus is partnering with Runa Tea for free iced tea all summer long. And you can expect to enjoy those Sixpoint Rads all summer long too.

The stop locations are changing slightly: 
-The Williamsburg location is now on Metropolitan and Marcy in front of the Capital One bank;
-The Park Slope one is now on Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue.

Co-owner Ayo Omojola tells us they’ve added an extra bus to handle the crowds. Tix go on sale tomorrow (and if weather improves, they might even start next weekend. Bonus summer!)

Co-owner Ayo Omojola tells us that their working on expanding to Fire Island and Robert Moses beaches this summer, so stay tuned for updates. They’re not planning to go to mercifully finally reopened Fort Tilden yet (though that might change later on), which is fine because such a beautiful beach you should have to work a little bit to get to. Here’s what those rad RAD cans look look, btw:

Rad summer tidings, dudes.
Rad summer tidings, dudes.

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