Now’s your chance to roll with the Volunteer Library Brigade

They want you
They want you

Out on these hard streets, there’s no better way to earn cred than talking about books, giving away literature and reading to children. If this sounds like your kind of hustle, then maybe the Volunteer Library Brigade, a project of Urban Librarians Unite, is your kind of crew. They’re looking for new members for this coming season, and maybe it’s about time you respond to the call.

The last time we checked in with Urban Librarians Unite, we mentioned their efforts to shore up library services in places that had been hit by Sandy, with their pop-up libraries. Now their new project, The Volunteer Library Brigade is offering you the chance to be an “urban hero” by carting books and helping to drop knowledge on the fine folks of this city. Their tiny mobile library takes the knowledge and stories out of those stuffy old buildings guarded by lions and gargoyles and brings it to you, wherever you might be – in the parks, on the subway, in the street.

On Saturday, April 13, they’ll be training all interested parties in reference services, storytime, public service, and more. So if you’re interested in taking the walls of libraries and smashing the system (that is, of course, the Dewey Decimal system), then check out their website and sign up for a training, because the best weapon on these streets is knowledge.

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