Sweet volunteering gig alert: Help these kids become published writers before middle school

Help kids produce important work like "What Would Pizza Do?" by volunteering for 826NYC. Photo via Facebook.
Help kids produce important work like “What Pizza Would Do” by volunteering for 826NYC. Photo via Facebook.

We like to keep you posted on volunteer opportunities that are worthwhile, and one of our favorites is coming up tomorrow. If you’re a writer type looking to put some good into the world (besides your “Themes of intersectionality as seen in Fuller House” thinkpieceor just someone sitting on an English degree looking for some experience with real live humans, this may be for you. 826NYC — the nonprofit behind the Superhero Supply Company in Park Slope — is looking for new tutors for its after-school writing program in South Williamsburg.

You’ll help kids ages 7-12 with their homework in addition to daily writing and reading exercises. These might be the future St. Mark’s Poetry Project members and New Yorker short story writers of America too: The kids put out a quarterly chapbook with their favorite pieces, so they’ll be published before they hit middle school. There’s a training session at the library tomorrow you should check out if you’re interested. 

The program has had trouble in the past getting volunteers for this program in the past so it’s holding a special info session and training tomorrow. The tutoring takes place Monday-Thursday from 3-5:30 p.m., and they ask you to commit one afternoon per week for at least two months. It takes place in the Williamsburg library, not the superhero shop, but libraries are superhero shops in their own way.

The orientation will take place on Saturday (March 12) from 12-1:30pm at the Williamsburg Brooklyn Public Library, 240 Division Ave. Get more info here. If you have questions, email volunteer associate Kyra Sturgill at [email protected].

I mean, look at how excited this kid is to be writing? The kids are all right, with your help at least.

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.

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