Now on Brokelyn: apartment rentals for brokesters!

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Whoa. You get this for $1,300 in Greenpoint?

Now, there’s never an excuse to leave the Brokelyndotcom. You can find stuff to do in our new Brooklyn events listings, score a cute new purse in our classifieds, and find someplace to live in our Brooklyn apartment rental listings, which launch today. How about a sweet 3BR for $2,200, where you can be neighbors with these ladies? Sunset Park is busting out with bargainzas, like this 2BR for $1,600. This $1,150 studio in Prospect Heights comes with a picnic spot. We also have ultra-fancy places you can dream about or move into with, like, 40 friends. Once you’ve found your dream space, find a roommate in our classifieds, then call these guys to help you move in. We might even come over and help decorate .


  1. aww!! there’s no way to sort by ‘pets’!! Could you add as an option to sort by?? (its a million times harder to find an apt when you’re broke AND you have pets)

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