Now Hiring: Ovenly, Housing Works Books, Etsy and more!

I'll take one of each please. Via Facebook
I’ll take one of each please. Via Facebook

Growing up, my favorite time of the year was fall. I loved starting a new school year with a new teacher and a new back pack full of new school supplies. Fall has always been a very “out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new” time of year. Everyone’s Rosh Hashanah, if you will. September is a time of new beginnings, new temperatures, even a new Vogue Big Book. So, while you’re living among all this newness why not ask yourself, “Should I get a new job?” If you answer yes, then keep reading. We’ve got some great jobs at some dope companies (both old and new) looking for a fresh hire within their company!

The Greenpoint bakery Ovenly is seeking someone for their office administrative position.  It’s a fairly typical administrative job with responsibilities including things like professional email and phone etiquette, managing schedules and calendars, assisting with ordering and helping out with payroll and other HR related stuff.  This is a full time, hourly, entry level position great for anyone interested in food and/or office administration. The bakery has a great reputation and what could be wrong with potentially being able to score a free sweet every now and again?

PureWow, a women’s lifestyle website, is looking for an Associate Editor with a desire to help make women’s lives easier through food. No, you won’t be delivering bread baskets and fruit bouquets to the ladies of America. Instead, the associate editor will use her/his food focused mind and eye to discover the latest and greatest under-the-radar food trends. It’s not just enough to like food, you have to know and care about food. Typical editor responsibilities are expected of you (researching, pitching, editing) and they are seeking someone with a minimum of two years experience. So if you’re a writer with a bit of Julia Childs and a dusting of Anthony Bourdain, apply!

If you love books, the people who make them and doing good in the world, we’ve got a job for you: Housing Works Bookstore needs an event assistant for public programming. As the event assistant, you’ll be coordinating visits by authors, comedians, storytellers and musicians by doing things like working with their publicists, handling social media to pump up publicity for the visit and being available to help out on-site, which means working nights. If you’re good at public speaking, working independently, full of patience and most importantly want to eradicate AIDS, shoot them a resume and start your career saying “Hey, how’s it going!?” to famous authors today.

Next up: Etsy. Your favorite handmade marketplace recently added a manufacturing team to the mix, and they are in need of a manufacturing product manager. The job is described as creating better ways for consumers to enjoy not only the product they bought but their time while using Etsy. Tech heavy job responsibilities (they ask you to be fluent in HTML/CSS/JS/SQL), as well as  innovative mind who is able to look at raw boring data and create an exciting, better interface for Etsy. It’s a great company with amazing benefits who is looking for someone who is truly left and right brained. If this is you, buff up that resume and apply.

Do you like to meet new people? Do you like to bowl? Do you need a job? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then holy smokes, stop what you’re doing and apply to the Operations and Marketing Associate for Social Sports Leagues at Better Off Bowling. What is Better Off Bowling? Great question! Better of Bowling, or BOB, is a co-ed sports social league with over 30,000 members. BOB’s overall goal is to bring people together through, you guessed it, bowling! If you’re a social media savy gal/guy with a desire to learn more about marketing, who possesses an interest or experience with start-ups, and/or has an entrepreneurial mind, this job is a strike (no apologies).!

Do you have a story, or several stories, about sleep? Then you should probably apply to this Freelance Writing position with Sleep School.  The company is an online resource dedicated to educating people about, you guessed it, sleep. It’s a freelance position with the benefits listed as “flexible hours.” So, if you sleep and you find yourself thinking, “man, that was an interesting experience, I must write it down” do it and submit. Your writing career is just around the corner!

Brokesters, swing into September with a new do, a new you and a new job! You deserve it. Plus, if you score a job now you’ll have more than enough time to get to know everyone well enough so you can let loose and really enjoy your holiday party.

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