Now Hiring in Brooklyn: NYC & Co., Brooklyn Botanic Garden and more!

brooklyn botanic garden
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Alright, this is starting to get ridiculous. How are all of these amazing jobs still hiring with so many talented, driven New Yorkers like yourself lying around? You’d think all the good jobs would be taken forever by now, but week after week I keep finding better and better employment opportunities. Do me a solid and take a few of these awesome jobs so maybe next time I can write a shorter article. Thanks!

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is on the hunt for a Banquet Manager, so yes, that one really awesome dream where you’re surrounded by pretty flowers and delicious food could actually be a reality. The job is obviously a lot of technical management-y stuff, mainly focused on food, but it looks like all that’s required is 2-4 years serving experience and possibly the ability to speak Spanish. If this doesn’t sound like the job for you, then are you crazy? It’s flowers, great food and true love. Apply for this, now. Right now.

How do you feel the environment is doing? If your answer involves the phrase “those poor polar bears” at any point, then perhaps you’d like to do something about it. TakePart is looking for an Associate Environment and Wildlife Editor to spread the word about the world. The job is pretty much pure environmentalism, with your tasks being “tell people about the Earth dying” and “don’t let the Earth die”, so if you’ve got some editorial skills and a love for mama nature, feel free to apply.

Eric Ripert is doing pretty well for a cook. He’s starred on countless TV shows, runs the City Harvest Food Council, and cooks stuff in a toaster oven. Oh, also, he runs the best restaurant in New York, and wants your help doing it. Ripert is looking for an Assistant to help with the day-to-day of being a food god in NYC, and if you want a standing reservation at Le Bernardin (and you do), you’ll apply for the job.

Do you consider yourself good with your hands? To a Nick Offerman┬álevel? Perfect, because a boutique Greenpoint woodshop is currently looking for a new woodworker. The position mainly involves framework, which I personally have no idea about, but if you like to build stuff with your hands, I’m sure you’re familiar with it. They ask that you send in a resume with examples with your craft, so I’m assuming bonus points if you etch your resume into a well-built chesterfield you designed.

If you consider yourself a fan of both math and living past 40, then you could easily be looking at a new career in calorie-counting. The fine people at Eat This/Not That, a publication about which burger kills you slowest, are looking for a new Researcher/Writer. The position involves a lot of very technical data crunching, but if you’re a math whiz, I’m guessing you can put together how many grams of protein in a chicken quesadilla without too much effort.

After years of living in NYC without contributing anything back (except for your taxes and that winning smile you flash the masses on your commute), New York City finally needs your help: NYC & Company, the official marketing team for the Big Apple itself, is hiring on an Editorial Assistant. The position involves a lot of NYC-centric blogging (it’s fun, trust us) and some basic WordPress skills, as well as a deep love of the best city in the world and the fuckheads who live there.

Fancy online idea board uh…Fancy knows the holiday season is coming up and that means a lot of complaining or questions from customers. If you’re the type who can deal with stressed out holiday shopping complaints from people who are having trouble snagging a $350 Range Rover coming over the internet, definitely apply for their customer service sales associate job. Not only could being good at the job get you full-time work, but they offer an “above-market” hourly wage. What else would you expect from a website called Fancy?

Finally, Birchbox, an all-in-one beauty site, is looking to find a superstar Photoshop master. Their application is looking for someone with at least 2 years experience editing photos and they even include a little sample test to fill out. Which is pretty serious, but if you want all of the discounted makeup and hair gel you could possibly imagine, it is a small price to pay.

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