Now Hiring in BK: Nickelodeon, Brooklyn Brew Shop and more!

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Meet your future co-workers

Welcome to the New Year, people! Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’ve lived through another year, working at that job that you absolutely love! What, you don’t love your job? You wouldn’t happen to work in a soul-killing abyss of suckitude, do you? Well, that shit might fly in 2014, but 2015 is the year that you start to kick ass and take names! And give names. On paper. Resumes, I mean. You should get a new awesome job and we’re here to help so look at these!

Nickelodeon Niche is now looking to hire on a Digital Video Coordinator to help create kids for tomorrow as weird as the people who grew up on Ren and Stimpy back then. Now, the job’s over at their Niche department, so it means you’ll be working with everything from their NFL coverage to Nick at Nite, so if you have a favorite running back as well as a favorite Golden Girl…good news! Also maybe look into treatment for multiple personality disorder. Of course, you need to have some serious video skills to get this position, but if you’ve spent this much time staring at a screen, you’ll be good to go.

Ooooh, you think you fancy?! Wait, no really, do you? Fancy enough to turn it into a career? If that is the case, well then be sure to apply for this position of Associate Luxury Manager at TheRealReal. Yes, take in the glorious weirdness of that title: Associate Luxury Manager. The job is basically working as a customer liason/curator for a site that functions as a really high-class vintage threads rental store, so if you’ve got the look and some basic experience making rich people feel like their weird, tiny hats are normal, than get to applying.

Crowdtap, a creepily user-based marketing firm is looking for a Manager of Content to make sure the “verbage” (lettergroups) is on-target (not-dumb-sounding) for all of the messaging for their writers. Basically, the un-businessified version of this job is managing their stable of writers to make sure that everyone gets their job in on time and that their “verbage” is on brand, as opposed to getting exceedingly absurdist. The job requires more than a few years experience, but the training is very vague, so you could possibly swing it with something related.

Hey, remember how they always say “Live in the moment, for you don’t know how long you’ll have it”? No? Well, you probably weren’t paying attention. But, if you were, and were looking for another career also based in the past, good news! Print media is hiring, and if you’d like to be the future of these old geezers, you’ll apply for the job of Digital Production/Sales Associate that Skyhorse Publishing is currently advertising for! The job involves translating between the digital and physical teams, as long as many other jobs, but overall it’s a great “in” for an awesome industry.

Have you ever been at a party and wondered why the crudite were so lacking? Wondered why the satay was slacking? Why the food wasn’t…good? If you are passionate about providing the perfect party for loving brides and terrible 16-year-olds, then good for you, because Deb’s Catering in the West Village is currently hiring on an Associate Sales and Catering Manager, where your job will consist entirely of helping people get the best finger food for their soirees. If you’re into parties, food, and being incredibly organized, than this is the job for you.

Would you consider yourself a good person? I bet you would, you prideful bastard! If you’re not one of those phonies all up about themselves and their “good intentions”, well then feel free to apply to this job as an Executive Assistant over at Artists for Peace, a non-profit addressed to the suffering of the Haitian people. It’s a lot of the standard assistant fare, plus a few more responsibilities to make it interesting, but the real draw here is the whole “helping aid the suffering of others” and “maybe not being an asshole all of the time”, so if those are two things you could use more of in your life, than get your resumes in.

Beer is good, and if Brooklyn has taught us anything, it’s that local beer is better than beer made anywhere else. Following through with that logic, beer brewed in your closet should be the best-tasting beer of all time. The company that’s betting on that principle, Brooklyn Brew Shop, is looking for a new Logistics Coordinator to help them with negotiating with suppliers and customers to keep a smooth work flow going in the office. Of course, if you’re that into beer, a smooth flow should be no problem to you.

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