Now Hiring In BK: Franny’s, New York Mag and more!

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Alright, you’re doing pretty well. You live in New York City, presumably in a very urban-chic (small) apartment, you’ve found your soulmate or are at least stalking him on Twitter, so there’s one thing is missing: The kickass New York job where you work hard and play harder. To help you complete this final requirement in what 99% of people agree is “winning,” here are a bevy of jobs for you to choose from. Also, I think you might need a pet as well, to really push you over the top.

Neighborhood institution and pasta mecca Franny’s is currently looking for a new manager, and if you are in any way qualified to manage this lovely restaurant, then it is your civic duty to keep this place up and running. They prefer managerial experience, but if you’ve got a knowledge of Italian wines and some experience working in the madhouse that is a functioning restaurant, then they are more than willing to sit down and say hi.

Print media may be dying, but that’s alright because New York Magazine is currently hiring a Junior Online Producer to help them write things on the internet (it’s really not difficult, trust me). The job requires managing their online presence and churning out a lot of content, but if you’re a true New Yorker, then there’s nothing more that you like talking about more than New York and New York-related activities.

If you are obsessively organized and like to eat delicious food (and I know you’re at least one of those), then have I got good news for you: Tasting Table is hiring a Communications Associate. This Associate will be in charge of running the ship as well as planning all the parties, so basically all of the people in this building who have access to delicious treats will be trying to stay on your good side, which will probably work out in your favor.

Did I just say print media is dead? I meant alive and well, especially over at the New York Post, where they are currently looking for an Editorial Assistant! The Post is this looking for someone who can write the occasional article, but for the most part you’ll be helping get stories online (including writing web-friendly headlines all you pun lovers out there), helping with research and generally keep the office from turning to total anarchy. If you’ve got a fedora begging for a big PRESS notecard in it, this is a great way to break into the business of breaking news.

If you think that it’s somewhat amazing that I am shooting words all over the world right now and would like to tell someone about it, then you might very well be interested in becoming an Assistant Community Manager at The Daily Dot, the premier magazine of the internet. The job requires a strong knowledge of social media (I mean, really strong, these guys are all internet people, after all), but beyond that anything goes, so it’s time to put your knowledge of how to get retweeted by Miley Cyrus to work.

When you learn how to make pictures on a computer, it’s usually with the intent to either blackmail a celebrity of your choosing or to get hired by an awesome PR firm and get paid very well. To help those people who fall into the second category, here’s Flex Marketing’s ad for an Entry-Level Graphic Designer! It’s a great gig for someone just starting off in the industry, and the only negative things written about working there say it’s “unprofessional,” which is basically the business equivalent of wearing a leather jacket.

Finally, do you love love? Alright, well do you like it a fair bit? If so, I kid you not, Tawkify, from Elle writer E. Jean Carroll, is looking for matchmakers! If you’d like to make true love out of nothing at all, feel free to sent in an application, although really shouldn’t they be great at finding a perfect match?

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