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Be a part of this awesome office mural by selling sake at Joto. via Facebook

The New Year is rapidly approaching, people, and how do you want to spend yours? If your answer was “uncomfortably shifting around in an interview that could change my whole life,” then have I got good news for you! Now is the time to get out there and find the job you were meant to, while HR managers are still drunk from their holiday parties and everyone important is vacationing on an expensive island, and I’m here to point you in the right direction with this list of the best jobs up for grabs in New York, some of the last of 2014.

Complex Media, whose name really does ring true with all of the various publications they own, is looking for a Publisher Relations Manager to help them, well, manage relations with their publisher. While the title does sound wholly made-up, as far I can surmise the job is basically promoting transparency throughout the company, as well as a few other hats, one of which may or may not be YouTube star. The job is in a fun, crazy office and requires only minimal experience in account management, so anyone with the chops should toss their hat in the ring as soon as your post-Christmas-food-coma ends.

If design is more your style, then be sure to check out HOME‘s ad looking for an Associate Hard Goods Designer, which could very well be you. The job involves designing for their bedding, bath, and tableware categories, and involves some industrial design as well as some knowledge of textiles, but if you happen to be a design whiz with both of those under your belt then this job is practically yours already.

Sake is a truly amazing beverage. You can serve it warm or cold, take it in shots or sips, and now, it can even pay your rent. Joto Sake is looking for an Eastern Division Sales Manager to sling their sweet, sweet rice juice all across the Eastern seaboard. The job does require some previous experience in sales, which kind of seems like a given, and would probably require some travel, which is also a “duh”, but at the end of the day, yours would be the job that supplies thousands of visiting Japanese businessmen that warm, Rudolph-esque glow.

Do you like to travel? Do you absolutely love to travel? Will you not shut up about travel, no matter how much people beg you? If you’re looking to get into the wide, wide, incredibly wide world of travel writing, then look no further because Secret Escapes is looking for an Editorial Assistant to help them describe all of the great things that aren’t where you are. While they do emphasize that the job doesn’t actually require any travel (boo), it does require a good amount of research and some editing skills,  so by the time your vacation rolls around you’ll know exactly where to go.

If you do have editing skills, but spend more time traveling to the kitchen then anywhere else, Blue Apron has a job waiting just for you: they are currently hiring a Cookbook Editor to help them encourage people all over the city to stop using Seamless all the damn time. The job involves a lot of technical-oh, who am I kidding, you know what the job entails, if you’re a die-hard foodie with a rock-solid blog or just a love of writing about food, apply for this awesome opportunity before it disappears.

The University of Cambridge is looking to recruit you! For a job, I mean. No, you can’t go back to college. If you’re fond of all things literary, though, then this job is definitely for you: Cambridge is looking to take on a Sales and Marketing Coordinator to help their books sell. The job is pretty straightforward, and a dream position for any bookworms out there. The job requires minimal experience, just two years of sales, and includes tons of perks, including unlimited reading material and a sweet Tribeca office, so since I can tell you’re a fan of reading, as you are reading this, you should definitely apply.

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