Now hiring in Brooklyn: BRIC, VinePair, Success Academy, Alamo Drafthouse, and more

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Drinking this could be considered research if you get a job as a writer for VinePair. Photo via @vinepair on Instagram

On this hot July day, as you’re going through the motions at your desk, thankful at least that you’re inside in the A.C. (hopefully), has it occurred to you that there could be a different life out there awaiting you? A job is only one facet of a life, sure, but since most of us do them for several hours every day, they tend to define us, whether we like it or not.

Here are eight intriguing hirable situations, full and part time, we dug up online, ranging from a boozy staff writer at VinePair, to a digital marketing assistant at BRIC, to a bartender at The Wilky in Bed-Stuy, to a journalist for a three month cross country road trip: maybe one appeals to you? Have a gander:


Jobs in Media 

Want to work for one of the coolest art and media nonprofits in Brooklyn? BRIC Arts Media, the organization behind Celebrate Brooklyn, the art gallery and events space BRIC House, and charming public access TV, is seeking a digital and social media marketing assistant. If you have experience in the field, you know the drill: you’ll be writing email, blog and social content, with a good understanding of SEO. Sometimes with these kinds of jobs, it’s hard to not just phone it in, but when you’re representing as dope an organization as BRIC, you won’t have to feign enthusiasm.

Interested in writing on behalf of science? The New York Academy of Sciences is hiring a content development specialist (pro tip: “content” just means words) and a communications manager. As a content development specialist, you’d serve as managing editor of their bi-annual magazine, contribute editorial content for their online site and compose press releases, among other editorial and marketing tasks.

As communications manager, you’d be focused on writing about and promoting, via newsletter, social media, and other press efforts, the Academy’s Global STEM Alliance (GSA), an international project that seeks to increase the number and diversity of students participating in STEM programming. Pretty neat stuff.

Calling all writers with an affinity for boozing (so wait, all writers?): VinePair is hiring a staff writer to run their vertical, Booze News. Is this real? It sounds amazing. Yes, it’s real. Your responsibilities include keeping in the know about what’s happening in the world of wine, beer and spirits, reporting on trends, breaking news, and creating original content, to the tune of 4-5 posts a day. So it’s a good job for the drunk, but NOT the faint of heart. Gotta know how to work (blog) hard and party hard.


Help make this happen. Photo via @york_surf on Instagram.
Help make this happen. Photo via @york_surf on Instagram.

A couple gigs related to the election

If the notion of making democracy happen, literally, by helping citizens vote appeals to you: the NYC Board of Elections is hiring election day poll workers. The positions listed are inspector, poll clerk, information clerk, and accessibility clerk, which each perform different duties to insure voting happens. Interpreters are needed in Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Bengali. If hired, you have to take a mandatory, but paid, training class. Poll workers are compensated $200 for working on election day.

Aspiring gonzos/deluded Hunter S. Thompson wannabes, or, to be a bit more fair, young journalists who have time on their hands and are looking for a chance to really immerse themselves in election culture: if you’re free from September through December, a news organization called Day After Reading is seeking “a journalist during a road trip across America” to join a three person team on a “journalist and artistic project about the upcoming election.”

You’d be responsible for conducting and transcribing interviews along the way. Experience-wise, it’s only specified that you be “well-connected, open-minded, and curious.” All travel expenses and accommodations are covered for the four months; no mention of compensation beyond that. This sure is a curious one; maybe you can put together your own journalistic and artistic project about the experience, after it’s over.

Word to the teachers…

Success Academy Charter Schools, which include 34 schools from Far Rockaway to the Bronx, is hiring for several positions, many of which aren’t strictly teaching positions. They need a middle school science associate, a community organizer, a children’s literature specialist, and maybe the most daunting—a parent engagement manager. You can browse through all 54 listings here.

And service industry peeps…


Not a bad spot to spend some time and make some cash: The Wilky Bar in Bed-Stuy
Not a bad spot to spend some time and make some cash: The Wilky Bar in Bed-Stuy

Bed-Stuy craft beer and cocktail bar The Wilky is hiring a part-time bartender. You’ll be working solo shifts, so an ability to hold it down alone behind the bar is a must. And you’ll need to have a good handle on craft beer, as you’ll be pouring from 18 rotating taps, as well as know your way around a cocktail.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema needs preps, line cooks, and sous chefs at their downtown Brooklyn location—opening date is still TBD, although they announced earlier this week that the kitchen will be headed by Chef Fernando Marulanda, previously of Bouchon and Tavern on the Green. Their menu will represent “the flavors of our many diaspora,” from flatbread pizzas topped with spiced lamb, to Ropa Vieja beef tacos, to jerked chicken sandwich, and of course, a “Williamsburger,” so having cooked a wide range of cuisines will come in handy.

Perks: free movies and benefits (Netflix and chill? No, like, real benefits).

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