Now Hiring in BK: MTV News, Mast Brothers and more!

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Because chocolate factories are notoriously terrible places to work. Via Flickr

The end is nigh! Wait, why are you throwing that trashcan through a window? Oh, I should have specified: The end of your less-than-ideal career is nigh! If you consider yourself to be a generally talented person with little-to-no body odor and killer workplace banter about the latest Game of Thrones episode, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be out there working at the position of your dreams, or at least, not sitting at home all day. Seriously, you’re talking to the cat too much. Way too much. To that end, we here at Brokelyn have yet again corralled some of the best career opportunities in New York just for you, because we care about your wellbeing. And the wellbeing of Mr. Whiskers.

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