Now casting: an opportunity to get screamed at by Gordon Ramsay

Chef Ramsay, patiently explaining why he's about to headbutt a restaurant owner
Chef Ramsay, patiently explaining why he’s about to headbutt a restaurant owner

There’s something really sad about walking past an empty restaurant, more sad than walking past an empty bar or deli. Maybe it’s the bored waiters, standing around with no orders to take and no tips to receive. Or if it’s a place with an open kitchen, the chefs standing around not making any food. Whatever it is, there’s an urge to somehow help. Except you don’t have a bottomless wallet to try all these places. But a tip landed in our inbox that you can march in to that sad, empty restaurant with: Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay is once again on the hunt for restaurants in distress.

If you’re not familiar with it, Kitchen Nightmares is a reality show in which Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef and fake soccer player, screams profanities at restauranteurs until people start eating there. Seriously, that’s what this video is, so if your business frowns on English-accented f-bombs, don’t watch:

Anyway, the show is looking for a fresh batch of victims struggling restaurants that Ramsay can work his magic on by kicking them extremely hard and giving some no-nonsense advice the way only a really rich, really successful, really angry chef can. If you or anyone you know is a struggling restaurant that’s been open at least a year and has at least 35 seats, head over here and fill out the very thorough application, then hope the reality TV gods bless you with Ramsay’s presence and don’t edit things to make you look too stupid.

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