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Now you can check L train arrivals on your smartphone

No need to move faster than a stroll on the L train platform.
L train, always on time, now will be there when you, ah, check your phone. via

As if L Train riders weren’t spoiled enough already, with their consistently low wait times (at least, compared to those of us on the G) and countdown clocks in the station, here’s another perk: the L is now the first of the lettered trains to be added onto the smart phone app Subway Time,¬†according to Metro NY. While other apps have shown you the scheduled time before, this one actually lets you know where the train really is, not where it’s supposed to be.The app, which launched in December, currently displays real time countdown clocks for the numbered lines 1-6 and the 42nd street shuttle. Now that the L is joining the ranks of the tech-tracked trains, Bedford Ave boys and girls will be able to check to see if there’s time to grab a falafel sandwich from Oasis and still make the train. You know, so they won’t have to wait, what, four minutes until the next one?

Let us know when the G train gets pulled into the 21st century; that’ll be some news.

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