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Not-quite-live from the Bell House for ‘Lost’ premiere

Picture 39Continuing this week’s pop-culture jag, we report today on the sold-out Lost premiere last night at the Bell House. More than 200 people packed into the Gowanus bar to have their collective minds blown and, well, pay $9 to watch a TV show. But those who braved the Tuesday night snow got their money’s worth: a performance by recap band Previously on Lost (who set the last five seasons to music), themed drink specials and an hour of free island punch and Dharma Initiative beer. Fans shrieked at every plot turn, as the Season 6 premiere brought even more twists than Oceanic 815 saw as it crashed to earth. Fans had a slew of questions they hope will be answered before the series finale. Here are some of them:

Which ‘Lost’ mystery do you most want solved before the end of the series?

Jacqueline Wittlin

What was the relationship between Jacob and the Man in Black, and how did that affect all of the seasons so far?
— Jacqueline Wittlin, 24, the Island (Staten Island)

Brian Jain

What is the smoke monster?
— Brian Jain, 30, the Village

Dava Raspberry

Why was the Dharma Initiative continuing to drop food onto the Island, and who was paying for it?
— Dava Raspberry, thirtysomething, Gowanus

Deva Kandpal

What do the numbers mean?
Deva Kandpal, 27, Prospect Heights

Christina Stapelfeld

How did this all start? Why were the Six sent to the Island?
Christina Stapelfeld, 26, Williamsburg

Adam Schatz

Dogs can’t survive on people food, so what is Vincent eating this whole time?
— Adam Schatz, 22, Prospect Heights, singer and co-founder of Previously on Lost

Emily Cheever-3

What is the deal with the statue with four toes? What does the whole thing look like, and what is its significance?
— Emily Cheever, Chinatown

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