Here’s your chance to display your art in the middle of Bedford Avenue this summer

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Have you good public art? This could be you (shirt obviously not required)!

So you of course know all about the Northside Festival’s great headliners that are set to lead the way in a great weekend of music for you. You might be so into the whole thing that you want to somehow be a part of it, so that you can one day brag that you were in the same festival as Run the Jewels and Best Coast. Well if you’re a good artist, then you can do that, because the Northside Festival needs some artists for the weekend’s Williamsburg Walks. If you’re more of a music type…sorry.

Northside will be taking over Williamsburg Walks, the seasonal event where Bedford Avenue is shut to cars, on the weekend of June 13 and 14. So while they already have the street for themselves, what they don’t have is the art. That’s where you, master of public art, come in. If you can do live painting or performance art, if you know how to make sculptures or interactive art, give your idea to Northside in this form here with a description of the piece and you could find yourself entertaining the masses strolling down Bedford Avenue.

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