No-questions-asked amnesty for kids’ library fines

A good method to scare the impressionable youth of Brooklyn away from the library is to treat them like wanted criminals. Is an overdue book something that should go on your permanent record? The city’s public libraries don’t think so: they launched a new program yesterday that will give amnesty on fines for overdue or lost books and dvds for all patrons under 18, WNYC reports.The idea is to lure back the 35,000 young people whose accounts have been blocked due to fines of $15 or more. “Those folks were not coming to the library because their fines were keeping them away,” president of the New York Public Library, Anthony Marx, said according to WNYC. This “New Chapter” program runs through Oct. 31 at Brooklyn, Queens and New York public libraries, giving you kids plenty of time to stock up on some fo the best library reading of all time before Halloween. As for you adults: return your books! What kind of example are you setting?

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