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No lie! Become a human lie detector at a huge discount

Moe lying, mo problems.

I’m going to tell it to you straight: the world is full of liars and cheats. Your boss who told you that you were “getting a promotion”?  Knave. Your wife who said she “definitely wasn’t having an affair” with your best friend? Scoundrel.  Your landlord who told you that she “fixed” the stairs? Lies, lies and more lies! Wouldn’t it be satisfying if you could take down these double-talkers once and for all? Well, now there’s a cheap way (we think?) to deal with all the cheaters, liars, and swindlers who populate this godforsaken borough: a Groupon for a lie-detecting class!

Through tomorrow, the Non-Verbal Group (yes, there’s a non-verbal group) is offering three-hour classes in either lie-detection or body language recognition for only $29 (normally $100).  The “Deception Detected” course teaches students to “detect microexpressions, nonverbal cues, and speech patterns that many liars employ to mask the truth.”

If you’d prefer to become a better liar yourself, however, the “Body Language Explained” class helps students recognize dozens of non-verbal communication gestures you can use to successfully fake interest in a conversation or just generally lie your way to the top.  The classes are taught by Blake Eastman, a confidence man Psychology Professor at City University of New York, whose lie detector is always on.

Brokesters can use their new lie detections skills to:

Pick out terrible OkCupid dates and still have fun.

Catch corrupt political leaders – there are SO MANY of THEM!

Confront your landlord on their shady dealings.

Discover if rent-free living is for real.

And, of course, find out if Eastman actually knows what he’s talking about.


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