Nitehawk is bringing you back to the 90s with free outdoor screenings of ‘Mallrats’ and ‘Billy Madison’

Where does he get those wonderful toys?
Where does he get those wonderful toys?

You know what no one ever says? “Oh man, MORE free outdoor summer movies that also come with bands and food options? Enough, we don’t want any more.” In the spirit of that question that’s never asked, we have good news for you: Nitehawk is bringing two more free outdoor summer movies to the people this summer, with screenings of Mallrats and Billy Madison at 50 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg.

You remember the 90s, don’t you? A time of great promise, when you were young and you had your whole life ahead of you, instead of all you have now, which is a variety of quizzes asking if you’re enough of a 90s kid to identify various corn/sugar cereal cartoon commercial pitchmen and characters from the Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour. So with that in mind, Nitehawk has partnered with BuzzFeed to show Billy Madison on July 7 and Mallrats on August 4 this summer at 50 Kent Avenue. The movies were picked because they’re both 20 years old this year, and because both BuzzFeed and Nitehawk want to remind you that you’re old and will one day shuffle off this mortal coil but you might as well have a little fun before that happens.

Both movies start at dusk and will have their doors open at 5pm, and both will also have bands open for them as well as food and drink vendors, all of whom will be revealed closer to the dates of the movies. And while Adam Sandler is too busy offending Native Americans to show up for the screening of Billy Madison, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will be in attendance at the Mallrats screening for an audience Q and A. If you’re gonna ask Kevin Smith anything, throw him a curveball and ask him if you need to be familiar with the alternate beginning to Mallrats in order to understand the sequel coming sometime soon-ish.

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