News you can booze: alcohol delivery service comes to BK

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Jack wouldn’t get into so many bar fights if this service existed in future Japan. via Funny Junk

Let’s face it, the worst moment at any party is when someone goes to open the fridge and comes up completely empty-handed. Well, OK, maybe the worst is when you try to kiss someone that just told you she wasn’t interested, at all, but the no beer thing is a very close second. It interrupts the flow of things and people have to wait around for a beer run to get organized, but you’re drunk and who can do anything when they’re drunk? The obvious solution would be some kind of magical teleporter, but while our top scientists are working that out, the folks at Booze Carriage have a temporary patch: just order it online and get it delivered.

Booze Carriage isn’t totally new, so if you’ve got friends in Manhattan, maybe you’ve seen them take advantage of it. But now they’ve come across the river to where, because they know we can do such a good job imbibing. The beer selection is wide-ranging, from PBR to Baltika to Old E (no 40s though), while the liquor stock contains the usual suspects like Jameson whiskey and Sapphire gin and the wine carries both imported and domestic wine. Liquor takes a day to show up, but beer, lovely beer, can be at your door merely an hour or half-hour after you put your order in. There’s no delivery fee on top of your order, and the prices seem to be around what you’d find at the corner store. A six pack of Brooklyn Lager, for instance is $12.49.

For now, the service is restricted to beer and wine in Williamsburg (11211 and 11249 Zip codes), and liquor in Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Fort Green and Clinton Hill (11205, 11217, 11215 and 11238 Zip codes). Expansion to Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Greenpoint is supposed to be online by November 1. And then no one ever left their house again, the end.

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  1. Crown Heights totally neglected.

    Also, their entire website has extra apostrophes everywhere and it’s terribly annoying.

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