NY State, FEMA now hiring for Sandy recovery jobs

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Get paid to help NY recover from Hurricane Sandy. Photo by MTAPhotos

As predicted, Hurricane Sandy has produced a spike in jobs in New York. Governor Cuomo announced on Sunday that the Fed has allocated a National Emergency Grant (NEG) of $27.7 million to help put more than 5,000 young and unemployed New Yorkers to work cleaning up and rebuilding communities hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy. FEMA will also begin replacing out-of-state employees with upwards of 700 local hires. Find out if you qualify and how to apply. NOTE: Please do NOT reply in the comments that you need a job. You will NOT get one that way. Use the numbers and links below.

NEG Jobs
Temporary workers will be hired immediately for short and long term projects (6 months max) starting today. Jobs include construction/laborer positions, debris removal, clearing roadways, buildings/grounds clean-up, humanitarian efforts, and administrative support. Applicants must be unemployed prior to or as a direct result of Sandy to be eligible. Contact the Department of Labor at 1-888-4-NYSDOL (1-888-469-7365) or fill out and submit the online registration form.

Gov. Cuomo said the jobs will pay approximately $15 per hour. In addition to offering benefits and on-the-job experience, each worker will be given assistance in finding their next job. Eligible youth will also be certified in the Governor’s New York Youth Works program.

The Governor’s Jobs Express website has a thick list of FEMA openings for full-time temporary positions that might require specialized skills and/or degrees including ArchitectMedia Relations Specialist (Russian speaking) and Photographer.

[PLEASE NOTE: All questions and applications for jobs must go through the agencies themselves via the links provided. Do not leave personal contact information in the comments!]


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  1. To whom it may concern, I am presently unemployed and would appreciate being considered for any of the current FEMA positions available. My skills include: CUSTODIAL MAINTENANCE, SALESMAN, STOCK CLERK, DEMOLITION/CONSTRUCTION also well versed in art design. My cell number is 1 917 960 6281. Will provide resume upon request.

    • …guess you didn’t see the part about not posting personal info here. Or job requests. Dangerous stuff man, putting your cell number on the internet…hope you don’t get scammed.

  2. I am currently unemployed and was affected by Sandy (Rockaway/Breezy Point area). I would be interested in a position in which I can help anyway I am able. Thank you

  3. I would like to work with clean-up-crew i love helping others out in any way that i can. And god knows i need this job

  4. I would like to work with the clean-up-crew i love helping others out in any way that i can. And god knows i need this job

  5. Hello my name is Shihid Wilson I’m currently unemployed and looking for work and I am willing to travel

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