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Do New Year’s at Applebee’s, because you didn’t need that $375 anyway

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Erry’body in the Applebee’s get tipsy

Looking for the bossest New Year’s Eve party that all your friends will be jealous you attended? Well young people who are hip and with it and love eatin’ good in the neighborhood, we’ve got great news for you: totally cool and not at all your parents’ favorite restaurant Applebee’s is turning their locations in the Times Square “lock down zone” into a New Year’s destination, with a $375 per person party. No, not $37.50, $375.

Next time you’re gonna say some New Year’s prix-fixe that costs $150 is way too much (we mean, it is) just remember that it can always be worse. You can be paying more than ten times what you’d normally pay to eat at Grizzlebee’s Applebee’s to get a buffet of their warmed over food product. Even better, the buffet and open bar only last for four hours, which is jut a tick under $100/hour. But hey, you get to party at two of “the world’s largest Applebee’s,” which oddly enough is the exact nightmare I had last night.

Of course, as long as you’re in Times Square, at 11pm the ‘bee will let you go out into the street if you want, so you can join the other huddled masses for the Ryan Seacrest’s “Dick Clark’s Dead But Hey Whatever New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” So if you’re the type to go to Times Square for New Year’s anyway, this almost makes sense, so at least you’d be indoors for three hours.

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