New Tumblr confirms every prejudice you have about Times Square tourists

Are they just camera-toting anthropomorphic Toys'R'Us bags? Yes, yes they are. via Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik
Are they just camera-toting anthropomorphic Toys’R’Us bags? Yes, yes they are. via Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik

The thing about NYC tourism is that it’s not like every tourist who comes here is a monster. New York is an interesting city, of course people would want to visit here. But then there’s the class of people who think Times Square is where you go to see New York. You wonder if it takes a congenital brain defect to think that the land of chains and Guy Fieri to get people to think “Of course I want to plan my vacation around this.” And a new Tumblr about the life of hotel concierges in Times Square confirms that maybe it does take that brain defect.

How may we hate you is a pretty simple concept: true things said and done by tourists who make Times Square the place they choose to stay and see New York from. Questions that the concierges get range from “So, the C train…is that like, a bus?” to “Will you make sure a camera is attached to the outside of helicopter at my helicopter tour?” There are also strange accent stories, guest who force prayer and a whole load of slapstick service industry situations that will make you more than willing to buy a drink for the next hotel concierge you come across.

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