New PLG food co-op needs geeks

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Hey PLG/Crown Heights/Flatbush organicists—a nice man named Gabriel (OK, we think most all Brokelyn readers are nice) from the forthcoming Lefferts Farm Food Cooperative asked us to post his plea for volunteers:

The co-op is starting up and needs committed volunteers for various committees. Specifically, there is an immediate need for a web programmer with knowledge of Drupal. Also, if you’re currently a Park Slope Food Coop Member you can get work credit with us. For more information and to join our group go to: or contact [email protected].

Kudos to you Gabriel & Co. After nearly 10 years at PSFC, we’d rather commit hari kari with a burdock root than start a cooperative venture of any kind, but we’ll be there on opening day. And we’ll probably already be suspended.

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