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Map pegs BK’s best coffee shops to their subway stops

Skytown made the cut. Did your favorite? via Facebook

Last week, the New York-based sector of the internet was all abuzz with a map that pegged each subway stop in Manhattan with its best coffee shop. And it was nice, but it was still just for people going down with the sinking ship that is Manhattan. But now the map’s creator, Nirmal Banerjee, has done the Lord’s work and expanded the map to include a good chunk of Brooklyn and Queens. This map also tells you whether or not there’s wifi at the shop, which is included at most of them, but it’s good to know for sure. Since everyone around here has a different opinion about which coffee place is the best, we’ll let you fight it out after seeing the map below. Now we just need one that expands to the Bronx, eastern Queens and southeast Brooklyn.

via Butterfruit Labs
via Butterfruit Labs

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  1. Sam Corbin

    I almost have an urge to make another Cat GIF article reacting to this map. But mainly because for YEARS McNally Jackson has shamelessly lied on Yelp about having wifi, and people are still falling for it.

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