New music app only plays when you cross the Williamsburg Bridge

Now can even more feels than usual as you crest the Williamsburg bridge. via flickr user Daniel Latorre
Now can even more feels than usual as you crest the bridge. via flickr user Daniel Latorre

Ever wish you had a soundtrack for your life? Or, at the very least, something to go along with your morning commute? Well lucky you, because somebody went out and made just that. The Brooklyn Paper reports that a new free iPhone app for commuters, called the Williamsburg Bridge Radio, will switch on as soon as you get onto the Williamsburg Bridge. It plays faster tracks as you climb the hill, and slower, chilled-out songs as you head down. 

The app is highly location-sensitive and uses radio waves to measure your exact location along the overpass, according to the Paper. It’s for cyclists and subway commuters alike, though you’ll probably get the most out of it if you’re on a bike, since the pace of the music attempts to mirror the amount of physical effort you’re putting into climbing the bridge. When you’re on a train, you’re not feeling quite the same adrenaline rush.

Record label Uno! is behind the app’s creation. They developed it as a promotional tool for both the label and its roster of artists, which includes rapper Mykki Blanco, DJ Jacques Greene and producer SFV Acid. Uno! intends to update their playlist daily, so you won’t be listening to the same thing every day. Their target demo is pretty clear, since the app only works for the Williamsburg Bridge. But we’re not complaining; it’s our favorite overpass, too. (I just hope someone makes another app that plays on the days I decide to take the Manhattan Bridge instead.)

Don’t forget, wearing both earphones while you bike is a punishable offense, not to mention plain irresponsible. So as tempting as this app makes it to turn your daily commute into a full-blown movie montage, keep one ear free at all times.

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