New for the summer: Ferry service to Red Hook!

Good spot for a houseboat too. via Facebook
Good spot for a houseboat too. via Facebook

The East River Ferry was already a pretty great way to get around, especially when it’s nice out. But, because no one is ever satisfied with merely “great” in New York, people thought about ways to improve it even more. Their idea? Get another one to go out of Manhattan down to Red Hook on weekends. And according to a press release from the city, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Yes you’ll have one less excuse to not go to Red Hook this summer, especially if you live in Manhattan for some reason. Every weekend, a ferry will set out from Pier 11 in Downtown Manhattan and first go to Ikea, then a refurbished, previously unused ferry stop on Van Brunt Street. See? Even city officials are crazy about vintage objects in Brooklyn.

Service starts next Saturday, May 25, and runs all the way through September 2. You can hop on a ferry anytime from 10am to 9pm, and it’ll run every 25 minutes, so you don’t even need to have that big of a book or magazine if you just miss one.

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