Cab app offers exclusively female drivers for female passengers

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Not all cabs. via Flickr user Eric Konon

We just got done grading cab apps available around here, but the thing about technology is that it always keeps moving. Sure you can pay for your cab by credit card now, but can any app protect you from the problem of creepy (at best) and criminal (at worst) drivers? Well actually, there’s an app for that launching next week according to the New York Times, at least for female passengers. Called SheRides (not to be confused with the Danzig song), the app will employ an exclusively female staff that will only pick up female passengers.

If you’re a woman who feels uncomfortable riding in taxis late at night with a male driver who starts asking where your boyfriend, SheRides is definitely the app for you. According to the Times, the app launches on September 16 and has 50 drivers at the moment, who’ll be recognizable by the hot pink pashmina scarves they’ll be wearing when they pick you up.

Before you hail a cab, the SheRides app will ask you if you’re a woman, and if you’re not it will refer you to other cab services, despite your protestations of “Not all men.” Since it’s a cab company made up of only female drivers, SheRides could also end up providing more jobs to female drivers, who at the moment make up only one percent of all yellow cab and five percent of livery car drivers.

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