This is what $10,000 worth of tattoos looks like?

Ryan Malarkey, a 23-year-old designer, says she spent “probably close to $10,000” on ink. Photo (c) Paul Nathan / Generation Ink.

How many people do you know with epic tattoos? Of those people, how many of them are in a pretty much constant state of fiscal-overdrawnery and/or unemployment (AKA: “freelancing”)? Do they live in Williamsburg? Do they wish they did? They might be in photographer Paul Nathan’s new coffee table book, “Generation Ink: Williamsburg, Brooklyn,” featuring portraits of walking canvases who have spent upwards of $10,000 on their ink. Who are these people, where did they get $10,000 and why did they spend it on tattoos? And who are you to judge? You have a Louis Vuitton bag but are a month behind on rent! Oh, wait, that’s me. Did these people get their money’s worth? And what’s your number?

Frank Palumbo, 26, is a freelance producer with between $8,000 and $9,000 worth of tattoos. The FMP stands for his initials but he tells girls it means “Fuck Me Please.” Photo (c) Paul Nathan / Generation Ink.


Adam Kobylarsz is an actor / musician, 25, who has spent close to $5,000 on his tattoos. The first one was a rose for his mother. Photo (c) by Paul Nathan / Generation Ink.


Clinton Beahm, a 28-year-old nurse, has spent more than $9,000 on body art, starting with a “red life-star surrounding the staff of Asclepius.” Photo (c) by Paul Nathan / Generation Ink.


Brett David, a 31-year-old stylist, has spent $10,000 on ink. “You get what you pay for in life, and that includes tattoos,” he says. (Is that what his happy trail insignia says?) Photo (c) by Paul Nathan / Generation Ink.


We don’t know how much Sarah, a 21-year-old student / graphic designer spent, but that’s a slammin’ bird cage. Photo (c) Paul Nathan / Generation Ink.

“Generation Ink: Williamsburg, Brooklyn” ($29.95) will be available starting September 1 at retailers including Urban Outfitters.


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