New at city beaches: solar-powered cell phone chargers!

Nice view. via New York Observer
Like this, but on the beach. via New York Observer

Going to the beach is awesome, but if there’s any downside (and it’s really barely a downside), it’s that there’s nowhere to charge your phone. Given that everyone uses phones as watches nowadays, you do need to know what time it is when you have to go catch the NYC Beach Bus back from Jacob Riis Park. Fortunately, AT&T is stepping in to provide us with free solar-powered phone chargers at beaches around the city, starting tomorrow. But don’t use it as an excuse to play Candy Crush at the beach all day.

Just like the chargers in the city parks, city beaches will now have a place for you to get a little juice into your phone. In Brooklyn, you’ll be able to find them in Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and Pier Five at Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you’re headed down to Rockway, you’ll be able to find a charger there too. If you want to see the grand unveiling, you can catch it tomorrow at 9:30am in Coney Island at the boardwalk at West 8th Street.

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