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New Amsterdam? The city is your new source for cheap drugs

A little while back, we ran the numbers on Rx meds at a few major pharmacies around the borough, and we learned a couple things: First, we found out who had the best prices; and second, we learned prescription drugs can actually be cheaper without that fancy PPO. You just had to know where to look. Well, now, thanks to a new NYC program, you needn’t bother to look much at all. Because for the last few months, the city’s been handing out the BigAppleRX card, a free ticket to discounted drugs all over the place that gives you 53 percent off generics and 15 percent off brand names.

The BigAppleRX card launched back in May and the NY Post writes that the card’s been pretty darn successful, having saved New Yorkers more than $1.5 million in prescription drug costs. The little card works like this: Go to the BigAppleRx website and print the thing out. Then go to a pharmacy and use it. (We looked for the catch. Really, we did). Oh yeah, it’s an app too, naturally.

The site boasts an average saving of 53 percent on generics and 15 percent on brand names; card availability to “everyone living, working or visiting New York City” and acceptance for ALL prescription medications. As for participanting pharmacies, we entered our local Ditmas Park zip into the pharmacy finder tool, and it spat back 100 results, including what seemed like every Duane Reade, CVS and Walgreen’s within 5 miles, plus plenty of independents. (Rite Aid, though, was nowhere to be found). There’s also a function to find price by prescription, but that one was a little finicky when we tried it out.

The Post reports that the card’s saved Brooklyn residents $295,000 over the last few months, and borough prez Marty Markowitz calls it “a prescription for good health—and just what the doctor ordered.” What do you think — does your doctor say the same? Here’s the Post article and the BigAppleRx website to learn all you need to.

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