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Just think of how much time you’d have to waste just to find this bar cart. Which you clearly need

We all love (hate) Craigslist, and all the wonderful things it did to make classified listings more responsive and the way it helped destroy disrupt the newspaper and alt-weekly industries. The problem with it is that there’s a lot of crap on Craigslist that you’ve gotta wade through to get to the good stuff people are selling. But now someone else will do that for you on their website Curated Craigslist. How else will you waste time at the office now? We suggest taking up online gambling!

The undertaking of finding all of this stuff sounds insane to us. But it’s also insanely useful, so what the hell. Curator Nadja Spiegelman told us that she goes through about 500 or 600 furniture posts per day and picks out the items that she likes. Despite the fact that all of this work goes into picking things, Spiegelman has so far managed to find items that aren’t horrendously expensive, from a $50 desk to a $12 chair that looks comfortable enough, but on the high end, this huge $150 table.

Don’t want to find something only to learn it’s way the hell on the other side of Brooklyn? The site can also be browsed by neighborhood, Spiegelman says that she does the browsing as a way to procrastinate while writing, which we’re sure many of you can appreciate. Amazingly enough, Spiegelman also said that this Neo-like parsing of the Craigslist Matrix only takes her one or two browsing of around a half-hour to an hour every day. We wish we had that kind of vision for anything. Of course, she still only collects the useful deals on Craigslist. You can keep coming to us for the horrifying, the strange and the outright stupid to be found there.

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