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Slinky tanks from Brooklyn Royalty.

For anyone trying to bring their unique designs beyond an Etsy store and out into the wide world of NYC fashion, Work It Brooklyn is giving you a prime opportunity. Wednesday night, May 12, in Williamsburg, the event-based networking group is bringing together three big names from NY fashion to talk about starting out, and making it, in the fashion industry.

The panelists, all self-starters themselves, will be Bob Bland, founder of Brooklyn Royalty; Toni Hacker, owner of Hayden-Harnett; and Elaine La Personerie, founder of Wink PR. They’ll also be on-hand for some Q&A and a cocktail hour. Attendees are encouraged to bring business cards and profiles of their work. The 6:45 event’s being held at Kingdom, Bob Bland’s just-opened bar/boutique gallery at 170 N. 4th St., between Bedford and Driggs. The night’s free, but it’s limited to 45 people and reservations are required.

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