Nets hoping cheap nachos bring out the best in their fans tonight

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Paul Pierce indicating that he too would like some nachos. via Facebook

The Nets took the last couple games of the season off, figuring that it would be easier for them to play the Raptors than the Bulls. Of course, that decision will possibly blow up in their face tonight as they face the Raptors at home down 3-2. Even worse for the Nets, their home crowds haven’t been as crazy loud as they’d like, leading the official Nets Twitter account to drop a bomb on their own fans. To make up for it, and to really pump up the crowd, the Nets are offering cheap nachos to fans who get their early. Because everyone loves nachos, right?

Yes, all fans who show up between 5pm and 6:30pm for tonight’s crucial Game 6 can get 25% off nachos. Presumably this apologetic deal is only for early arriving fans because you can’t clap during lineup introductions if you’re still eating your nachos.

That being said, for a team that has loudly talked about how people love them and should love them, how the hell do you end up so desperate that you end up giving shit away to people in Game 6 of the playoffs? This isn’t Atlanta Braves baseball for Christ’s sake, this is supposed to be New York, where the only thing we hate more than our own disappointing sports teams are the people they’re playing against. It’s almost like hitching a basketball team to a giant real estate deal and then openly talking about said team as more of a lifestyle brand than anything else could leave people a little cold. But we’re sure that has nothing to do with it.

Anyway, what do I know, I’m a Knicks fan. We won’t have anything to cheer about until James Dolan falls into an open manhole.

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