Neighborly, baby shower-hosting Gowanus biker bar rejects nuisance label

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Definitely looks like trouble. via Flick user JasonTromm

One great thing about Brooklyn, and New York City in general, is that you have so many awesome venues in which to celebrate things. If your apartment doesn’t have room for your baby shower, and you don’t want to do something lame like a fancy restaurant, you can just hold it at the God’s Only Demons Motorcycle Club. Sure you think a motorcycle club isn’t a traditional venue for a baby shower, but come on, there was only one murder in front the club in 2012, so why would police try to shut this place down?

DNAInfo has the story about the club, which is either a terrifying nuisance full of teenage drunkeness and murder, or a perfectly neighborly place where people with jobs who just happen to love motorcycles hang out. Sure they might call themselves God’s Only Demons, but as neighbors point out, there’s no heroin or child porn or wheelies happening there. It’s just your average social hall that happens to be called the God’s Only Demons Motorcycle Club.

The NYPD on the other hand, points to the fact that a 16-year-old got hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning at a party there once, that the club serves liquor without a license and that one murder. But come on, it was one guy getting shot in the head, and that’s just a thing you see in New York sometimes. Beyond the fact that we think they’d beat us up if we did otherwise, we’re taking God’s Only Demons side here. They’re just dudes hanging with motorcycles and letting teenagers get drunk, which we can support.

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